Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Auction Item: Cherries Supreme Jewelry Set

This beautiful necklace and earring set was created and donated by Wilma, of Wilma's Whimseys. Here she describes how her jewelry is made:

"All my beads are handmade using Italian glass. This particular set has a mixture of colors. Each bead which is made with glass that is melted on a torch that consists of a mixture of oxygen and propane and wound on a mandrel. For the oxygen we (beaders) use oxygen concentrators, and are always looking for used ones that are no longer needed. I have applied different colors of pink and white and swirled them to make the effects that you see. they are then put into a 1000 degree kiln and annealed, a process which takes 5 hours. Creating the piece does not come easy. The beads usually sit there for sometimes a month until a pattern develops in my mind. I use only sterling silver in my findings (clasp, jump rings, bead caps and sterling beads) for not only the beauty, but so many people are allergic to metals and sterling is one that can be worn by mostly everyone. I use the magnetic clasps and large lobster claw hooks for those who have trouble with their hands. These items make it easier to get the pieces on and off. also for nursing mothers if baby tugs on the necklace, the strand won't break, the magnetic clasp just comes undone.

I have been making beads for 2 1/2 years now and it is a hobby that I love. I sell my beads on Etsy under the name of www.whimsey.etsy.com for those who like to make their own jewelry, as well as my website where I now have started making and selling my jewelry."

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ooooohhhhh, aaaaaahhhhhhhhh; this is so beautiful.